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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
I watched this episode and I loved the flashbacks of Tepig being treated badly by Suwama.

Pignite's Fire Pledge had one awesome effect, one of the best move effects so far.

I give this a 10/10.
Fire Pledge was definite great animation, but really now that I think of it so was Heat Crash, Fire Spin, and Flare Blitz.

Originally Posted by AquaticWartortle View Post
I loved how they had Tepig's former trainer in this one that was a mono Fire & they actually battled unlike Damian. Even though Suwama looks sick/eire, it was still a great episode!
I am definitely glad they building, it seemed like a more constructed episode then just Damian dismissing Charmander. He either looked sick like you said or he has been up a few nights and has sleep disorders xD.

Originally Posted by Ducklighter View Post
Although it's a great episode for Tepig to evolve in, it would seem too predictable too. I don't know but Chimchar faced Paul's team repeatedly before it really evolved but things seem to be going really fast so I wouldn't be surprised if he evolved in this episode.

I doubt it'll be the last we'll see of this trainer either. They could be setting up a new rival for Ash. Something similar to the role Paul played.

Also, I have yet to see the episode so all this could be irrelevant and wrong lmao

EDIT: I just watched the episode and it was bloody fantastic. The flashbacks were amazing and the best part of the episode was the unexpected evolutions because I was expecting it to be during a move with the rival team. I thought the relationship between Snivy and Tepig/Pignite was great. It showed friendship in Pokemon which I loved.
The thing with Paul is he was Ash main rival and there was no doubt we would see him again and multiple times. Suwama could possiblely be a one and done character only there to severe purpose as a component to tie up the loose ends with Tepig/Pignite. We could see him at another Don Tournament. I just don't feel he is going to really show up or at least make much of an impact if he does. And Ash really doesn't need any more rivals since he has Trip, Stephan, and Bianca. Although it would be interesting too add another one, Suwama doesn't strike me as the other one the way he fared against Ash. And I am glad Snivy got some character development as well, I always love it when they show the relationships between the pokemon.

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