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    Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
    The thing with Paul is he was Ash main rival and there was no doubt we would see him again and multiple times. Suwama could possiblely be a one and done character only there to severe purpose as a component to tie up the loose ends with Tepig/Pignite. We could see him at another Don Tournament. I just don't feel he is going to really show up or at least make much of an impact if he does. And Ash really doesn't need any more rivals since he has Trip, Stephan, and Bianca. Although it would be interesting too add another one, Suwama doesn't strike me as the other one the way he fared against Ash. And I am glad Snivy got some character development as well, I always love it when they show the relationships between the pokemon.
    Yeah, I do see what you mean but I think considering the fact that Unova is meant to be slightly different, it wouldn't surprise me if Ash had a lot more rivals. Suwama didn't seem like much of a rival because Tepig beat out two of his evolved Pokemon and I do think you're right about the tying up loose ends with Tepig but it would be quite interesting to see Suwama return and demand a rematch and just become a pest.

    I really did love the development Snivy got because I think the last relationship I saw was the one between Scraggy and Axew. I'm glad they're zoning more in on the relationship because the accompanying Pokemon because it is important. I would love to see a bit of a romance plot between Snivy/Pignite or something like best friends.
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