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Club Hex
Ghost Type Fanclub
The Fan Club for Your Ghostly Needs


Welcome to Club Hex, the Ghost-Type Fan Club! Here you will see a good extensive chat about Ghost-Types, be able to answer some questions, have polls on the next Ghost-Type Pokemon of the Week and gain points by doing other things!

Ghost-Type Pokemon of the Week

#607 Litwick

• Make sure to follow Pokemon Clubs' rules and PC's rules.
Activity - Keep active as often as possible
The Topic - Make sure to stay on topic
Trolling etc. - No trolling, spamming or hate. If any of this is seen you will be kicked out of the group
Pictures - Make sure to preview your post before posting any sort of pictures.
Points - Follow the points system properly (It would be best to keep an eye on the amount of points you have if you aren't going to keep an eye on the first post)
Partner Pokemon - Make sure to choose the correct pokemon (Pure Ghost-Types or Primary Ghost-Types)
Topic Starting - You can only start a topic when I, Derpy.H, announce the current one has been completed.

Sign-Up Form
Partner Pokemon (Feel free to nickname that Pokemon) (Only 1 allowed and please read the rules for this):
Referrer (Optional choice):
Why are you joining?:

Pokemon List
Hover over the pictures to see who they are.

Pure Ghost-Types

Primary Ghost-Types

Secondary Ghost-Types

Members List
Hover over the usernames to see what the person's special title is.
Derpy.H - Points: ∞
Kota889 - Points: 40
RudeStyle - Points: 15
Avishka - Points: 20
LegendaryFSK - Points: 45
Sector Revenge - Points: 15
CyanFlame - Points: 15
Hikari10 - Points: 35
Xdom - Points: 10
AlexOzzyCake - Points: 30
arbok - Points: 10
Olli97 - Points: 10
Porynoir - Points: 10
Suicune™ - Points: 10
Gengarbabe - Points: 10
miltankRancher - Points: 10

Points - How to earn them
Join the group - 10 points
Recruit a member - 15 points (You only earn this if the person you recruited states your name)
Make your first post - 5 points
Start a topic - 5 points
Make a decent userbar/banner - 10 points
Promoting Club Hex in your signature - 20 points per week (+5 every week if using a userbar in your signature)
Winning Question of the Week - 10 points

Points Shop
Get an extra partner Pokemon - 65 points
Turn any partner Pokemon into a Shiny - 80 points
Get to choose the Pokemon of the week - 30 points
Give a nickname to your extra partner Pokemon - 15 points
Get a special title with your choice of name of it - 160 points

Current Topic
Sableye vs. Spiritomb; which do you prefer?

Old Topics
1) Why exactly do you like Ghost-Type Pokemon (Explained in start post)?
2) If you could create your own Ghost-Type pokemon (any type e.g. Pure, Primary or Secondary Ghost-Types), what would you call it?

Question of the Week
QUESTION #2: How many ghost-type pokemon are there? (Includes Pure, Primary and Secondary Ghost Types)

Old "Question of the Week"s
QUESTION #1: Which Pure-Type Ghost Pokemon does not evolve? - Winner: NO ONE

Member of the Month

Old Members of the Month

Banners & Userbars

All 3 of these ones were made by LegendaryFSK - You get a special Artist title!

Hikari10 made this. Artist title received.

This group has yet to have any affiliates.
If you would like to have your group be an affiliate with this club, please PM or VM me about it.