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Yeah, I do see it now. It does seem to be a nice little neat end to a big question mark in Tepig's life. Him evolving essentially had him move on from Suwama as his trainer. I would still like to see him because of arrogance towards Pokemon (what I could make out since there wasn't an english sub) seems to a pressing issue. I would've enjoyed Officer Jenny getting involved for his treatment towards Pokemon. So the fans that there is some kind of punishment towards treatment of Pokemon. (I suggest a Pokemon PETA lol).

Relationships with the travelling Pokemon should be spotlighted more often because they can't all get along and I do notice that Pikachu is essentially pitted as the peace keeper/leader of the bunch, obviously but I'd love him to get into a bitter relationship with one of the Pokemon or the future ones Ash/Cilan/Iris catch. I'd love something to involve Pikachu more.
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