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    Name: Risto

    Gender: Male

    Species: Delibird
    Human Age: 19

    Appearance (Go in detail if you are infected, as you have different colors now): A normal Delibird.

    Side/Type: Loner

    Personality(1-2 paragraphs): Risto is an upbeat man who is forgiving and thankful. He was independent and hard-working but the Infected Pokemon made that go away. Although he is a Delibird and people hate him as he was the only Delibird to escape the Infected Pokemon, he cares about everyone, even the Infected Pokemon.
    Now he acts like a drill sergeant, and hunts the Infected Pokemon. He flies over Kanto looking for Infected Pokemon and keeps flying if he sees one. Even though, he is deeply scared of Infected Pokemon, he still hunts them. He hides mostly in Saffron City in Silph Co. He is shy and scares any Pokemon that comes in Silph Co.

    Background Story/History(1-2 paragraphs): When he was a little Delibird, his dad was killed by Infected Pokemon. They brought him to a cave and then then the news report came out. Soon after that no city was safe. He wasforced to run from his home and he was cut and abused by loner Pokemon along the way, he ran for three years and never stopped running, Then his wings developed and he flew to Saffron.
    He was 15 when he got to Saffron and was being defeated by Pokemon that were in Saffron City. That was when he tougened up. He desperately tried to eliminate all Infected Pokemon from Saffron. When he did he stayed at Silph Co, and now is when the story starts.

    Moveset (4 Original, 1 extra psychic move for Infected): Ice Beam, Fly, Hidden Power, and Body Slam.
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