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And once again, my point of people thinking they are trans just because they don't fit straight stereotypes arises ;_;.

I'm with Andy on this, after all my best friends (and many of my gay friend's circles) revolve around girls. It isn't because we are girls, it's simply because girls tend to be more understanding of gay men.


As to labels, whilst I think it's a good idea to have an answer to the 'who do you like?' question I don't like the idea of complicated labels. Just because you say to someone you are gay doesn't mean you have to 100% fit the idea of what 'gay' is.

Example: If you are a homo-romantic asexual: 'gay' is perfectly fitting. 'Homosexual' may not be, since it implies sexualness but there is nothing wrong with 'gay' and nobody is going to be confused.

These complicated labels just make things so specific, I'd prefer the much broader boxes with the blurred line.