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    Originally Posted by Kota889 View Post
    Haha...hmm....If I could create any ghost pokemon what would I call it....oh lordy you do not want me to come up with a ghost pokemon, it'd end up being some sort of Eldritch abomination.

    But, if you insist I shall take you into a brief trip of my insane mind. But I digress, naming something isn't my strong suit, so these names may not be any good.

    "Umbriel" (maybe better for a Ghost/Dark type)

    Meh, thats the only one I can come up with right now. Not very creative is it? xD
    It sounds cool, IMO.

    The ones I came up with when I was a bit younger was "Spooker" and "Scareling". Now those are what you get when you have low creativity
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