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Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post
They can't just make it Hilbert. Girls play Pokemon, too. I think if they do do that I'd like to see Hilda make an appearrance if you pick the girl.
I feel if they do reappear this will be the scenario based off the selection you made. I am curious though if they do what their relationship would be to the Protags, since they look like relatives to me. Maybe cousins perhaps.

Originally Posted by tj4bigred View Post
I'd want to see Eusine make a return! Chasing Suicune across the Unova region.
Seems a bit random really. Suicune going great distances across the ocean from Johto does seem like it would happen.

Originally Posted by Cid View Post
I always thought Cheren would be more like Blue if he ever reappeared. Unless they make N the Blue counterpart. Instead, Hilbert/Hilda would sound like a better expy of Red if they also make cameos, but I'm leaning towards Hilda being that person. They couldn't possibly both reappear, can they?
That's how I felt Cheren, its just a matter of is he Champ Blue or Gym Leader Blue. N seems like he is a entity unto himself not really fitting any past prototype but his own. He may serve as a helper role in over throwing the bad guys like say Lance, Steven, Cynthia.

Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
If Cheren were to reappear, I think it would be similar to that of Red or Steven. I think he'd have his own little cave in Victory Road that's only accessible after the Pokémon league/main story.
Alder strikes me more of the Red and Steven role being a past champ that retired from the League and is traveling the region abroad like he already was doing in BW. I never felt he was fully commented to being the Champ anyways since the League requested him to be. And when he was called back he didn't really seem to jubilant

Originally Posted by Forever View Post, if she returns I'd not like her to be a gym leader. She's gotta have some other role, model, professor, something but a gym leader, she'd not be great oGod.
Yeah I don't see her as a gym leader either. I think she already came to the realization that battling wasn't the thing for her around the middle of the game. Especially since he took the role as "body guard" of Cedric which I think she used as a front for saying "Player & Cheren I know I am not as good as you but I wish you best of luck." She could definitely fit any of the roles mentioned or she could try her hand at Musicals and play a role in that field of the game.

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