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Welcome Cid.
Your achievements are still impressive, beating Unknown with a slow character must have been torturous!

Originally Posted by Joshawott View Post

In order to get a 200% file, one must:

- Collect all the 'KONG' letters
- Collect all the puzzle pieces
- Earn a shiny gold medal in each level
- Beat every level on Mirror Mode
Man I hate your text colour, so difficult to read

So when you 100% the game you really 200% it o.O How is it possible to get over 100% completion.. I'm totally lost'
Also whats mirror mode? Is everything flipped and inverted?

Originally Posted by ToriSora View Post
So anyone here heard of or use RPG Maker? Seems very interesting. Saw a few of the finished games and they look very well done. I'm actually testing it out and thinking of using it for a rpg idea I have had for ages.
I've seen some games made with it I think..
The games look pretty much all the same though.. but I think its fairly good starter program if you want to get into some game making, you could even use game maker if you really want to start off easy.

Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
20 minutes is a really good time. Someone has a GB Longplay that's about 33 minutes.
Is that the original one? If it is I watched a video of it where the guy finished it in like 11 minutes, it was insane!!