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    Originally Posted by Houndoomed View Post
    Max speed Aggron with focus sash + Automize + Iron head then, whatever, I have like 100 different Aggrons, you dont know whats coming out, hes an excellent dragon counter.

    Watch this PMSL

    Defended my Gym 6-0 against Jango
    Defended my Gym 4-0 against Jango
    Go lookup "It's dragonite" on youtube. The first video should say "It's dragonite, bi***" without the star things. Anyways, I would say that it is weird to have multiple Aggrons but I shouldn't be talking. I have 5 Rayquazas, 3 Conkeldurrs each with a different set, 4 Hydreigons each with a different set, 4 Tyranitars and much more.

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