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    @ Tajaros- Yeah I already have'em.

    Awhile ago, Tajaros brought up something when he was playing through my hack to add more updated events to my scripts. He said "Why does Salamence learn Hydro Pump?". I forgot to mention that every pokemon in this hack will learn some of their best egg moves from gen 3-5 by leveling up. I feel this adds more fun to the game and you don't have to breed(Do ppl even breed in hack games?) to get a certain attack. Some few examples of this are:

    Salamence learning Hydro Pump when normally you'd have to breed to get this move.

    Tyranitar/Feraligator learning Dragon Dance

    Swellow learning Heat Wave

    I used the pokedex on

    And yes...Speed Boost Torchic is in the hack...Smh(Can't stand going up against that thing in B/W wifi battles.) Updated pictures will be posted this week.

    The Mind-Control doesn't work on Arceus.