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@ SkyIsDarkBlue- Sorry to tell ya, but this hack will be difficult, at least from the start of things. The first gym leader's Heatmor is very hard to beat going by my personal experiences playing through. However, I feel it depends on teambuilding. If you build an all-around balance team, you should be alright. The difficulty is another reason why I gave Pokemon their eggs moves. So they can learn a wide variety of different attacks and support moves. In the case of Heatmor, if you catch a Gligar that commonly pops up near Tiki Village/Lavaburn Forest(Which is before the first gym), it knows Dig & Roost(May have to lv up some before it learns Roost I think). Which should make your battle against Heatmor alot easier. Also, Gible learns a ground type attack pretty quickly & it is a starter.

@MidnightShine- I don't know, we'll see. A new trainer catching all these legendaries in his/her 40+ hr long journey is kind of a slap to the face to Ash, who's seen every legendary & never caught any lol. I just feel a 16yr old should not be able to catch any legendary pokemon unless it Wants to join his/her team on it's own free will. But this is a hack based on fun, so we'll see. I may add more to be obtainable by special events.

Question: Is it possible for Stealth Rocks to be added to a hack by simply puting Spikes effect & changing the type to Rock in the A-tack program? I mean, Scald was pretty easy. Give it it's original atk power from B/W, the burn effect, pp, type, and that's it.