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Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post
They can't just make it Hilbert. Girls play Pokemon, too. I think if they do do that I'd like to see Hilda make an appearrance if you pick the girl.
I've had similar sentiments since HG/SS, when GF left out another female player character from the game. This error better not be repeated in B2/W2.

But in all honesty, I'd rather not see Hilbert/Hilda appear in some capacity where you have to fight them. Even if the dilemma of which of the pair appears, you still have to settle the issue of who's on their team and what starter they have.

Never cared much for Alder, and I'd rather his journeys take him elsewhere.

Fennel needs to do something besides dump the C-Gear on us and I keep associating that name with a man's because I had a math professor with that last name and I can't get the image of a 60-something year old man out of my head whenever she's mentioned :/. So yeah, if she's coming back, give her some purpose that's storyline-related.

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