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    Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
    Man I hate your text colour, so difficult to read

    Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
    So when you 100% the game you really 200% it o.O How is it possible to get over 100% completion.. I'm totally lost' Also whats mirror mode? Is everything flipped and inverted?
    Actually, no. For one to merely get a 100% file, they must collect all the 'KONG' letters and puzzle pieces. Collecting all of the 'KONG' letters will unlock the Golden Temple. If that is conquered, Mirror Mode will be unlocked accordingly.

    To answer your other question, you're pretty spot-on with the exception of a few key details. In Mirror Mode, Diddy Kong is inaccessible and the player only gets one heart as opposed to the regular two. One hit, and the player must start from the last checkpoint. Believe you me, it's much harder than it sounds, as is trying to upgrade a regular gold medal to a shiny gold medal.