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    I was going to call this The Mr Cat Dog and TRIFORCE89 and Harlequin Club but considering that Chris hasn't even joined yet, that already feels shortsighted on my part. In any event, welcome! Now, to answer my own questions:

    Favourite Simpson family member? As cliche as it is, I'd have to say Homer. While the show was originally organised around Bart being the main character, it improved considerably when it refocused on Homer. His attitude towards food, family, work and everything else was such a breath of fresh air when it premiered; he's coined numerous words that now have dictionary status; he's probably the most quotable fictional character in history (that might be hyperbole, but I'd like to hear anyone suggest another). All in all, he's one of the best characters not just in The Simpsons, but in pop culture in general.

    Favourite episode? 'King-Size Homer' by a surprising margin. I love this episode so much that I can literally quote the entire episode word-for-word. Everything from the opening exercise drill at the power plant to Homer's massive attempt to gain 61 pounds to Homer attempting to start the computer for the first time to THE RETURN OF THE DRINKING BIRD to the 'mere Three Mile Island' episode closer. It's just so, so good.

    Now Chris had better hurry up and join!