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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post

    That's quite cool! What colors do you have? I only knew one girl with a blue and a green eye. In RPing, I feel that this thing has been marked with the cliche stamp for so long ago that we don't even see it often nowadays. At least I can't recall seeing it very much on here. So it's cool :3

    As for me, hmm... my characters used to be consistently bubbly or outgoing, but I think that changed with a few of my later characters now. I'm not sure if I have a consistent cliche-like thing that I have in my RPing. Perhaps that I always write out my character's thoughts for everyone to see and understand, rather than hide them and let players guess what my characters are thinking. It doesn't sound like one of the things you mean though xD
    My right eye is lighter blue, while my left eye is a darker blue, and has a brown-ish mark in it.

    *half tempted to put up a picture of my eyes now*

    Anyways, It's always been a goal of mine to stand out and be individual, which is usually emphasized in my characters; I like to make them stand out from the rest. The returned result is that a lot of people would actually go out of their way to make sure their characters interacted with mine.

    I found my own Heterochromia to be a large symbol of being individual, and I've implemented them into my characters (or at least a trait that activates it).

    Kiyoko's Heterochromia will be unlocked by a power (or rather, more than one power) eventually.

    Kiba's Heterochromia (Earth & Sky) is natural. (I based his appearance off of, well, actually, that's something I keep to myself. His Japanese name is technically my Japanese name, though his personality is entirely made up. His Pokemon team is my personal dream team.)

    Raven's Heterochromia (Maximum Ride, but I left) was... Well, never unlocked. Maybe I could add her into another RP, if the time comes.

    Ryuu's Heterochromia (MINECRAFT RP hasn't started, so i guess this is leaked) is actually relevant to his skill; His right eye (also being a different color) has sniper-vision, meaning he can aim a bow&arrow or throw potion or egg or snowball, with precision accuracy.

    Amethyst's Heterochromia (Pokemon Fallout) is an effect of her Pokemon spirit, a Weavile. Her right eye is icy sapphire blue, while her right eye is a red Weavile eye with a slitted pupil, which gives her slightly heightened vision. In the dark, both of her eyes are red with slitted pupils, which gives her night vision as if it were clear as day.