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General Question for all...
Why is it that Occultales is always being mistaken as a new evolution of either Vulpix or Ninetales?
I really wanna know. =/


Originally Posted by wNtR View Post
Couple of bugs:

Pinsir can learn Death Rip (Guillotine)

It's possible to get Shaymin/Giratina twice by going to Chaomega right after beating the main storyline which triggers the Lost Shadow event, and going to Chaomega again right after beating the league (he'll have the same dialogue and it triggers the event again)
Thank you.
I'll investigate that bug.

Originally Posted by Kirby39 View Post
Well, the Elemental Monkeys aren't available in the wild. Sableye and Spiritomb are only found in the "evil" Lost Shadow, and when it returns to normal, you can't get them, since the "evil" Lost Shadow is inaccessible.

Also, perhaps there could be a way to get all three of the Side-Exclusive Pokemon, like Dohydra, Suvir and Sprizzle in one game.
And/Or perhaps a way to get Giratina & Shaymin. Just thinking.

You can walk through this ledge.

This rock's sticking out over the mist.

EDIT: Just remembered something. Meltdown and Heaven Beam, Devihel and Angeallen's signature moves, have the same power (130) yet Angeallen's takes a turn to charge up.
Thanks for the bug reports.

About Heaven Beam, I made it like that on purpose. The charge up is like a warning sign for players.
And for Meltdown, well, it's an evil attack, so...
I don't think I'll change them though. I like them the way they are.

I'll try and do something for those ghost-types being available in the wild.

Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
Whoa, I actually beat Richard. That was a ***** and a half! Brilliant challenge! (I was able to do this event before beating the League. Is that normal?)

So what happened to Richard? Did he leave or die? Just what is he?
He *faded* away, so I suppose you could also apply the word 'die' in there. =/

Originally Posted by Monolito View Post
Destine, I meant all the pokemon in Hevah Dex. For the time being you can't catch all the elemental monkeys, Giratina and Rayquaza seem to be exclusive - you can't get one if you take the other,right?
As for Gento why would you bother? Spend the time adding some significant content
I don't like Bretherna/Deazone skins the same as I hate Guibit but that's only my opinion so don't worry. Playing this hack made me want more but dang! After reaching the ultimate goal - beat the League, there is no bigger challenge in it
Rayquaza isn't an exclusive PKMN.
You can get him after you beat him. If not, then I need to check on that event.

The Elemental Monkeys will be available in the wild in the next version release.

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