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I haven't looked at this hack in a while, but I'd like to reiterate that as a team member of yours I'm ready to help at any time, provided I know how.

I see you're using some free shared hosting for a website to showcase your hacks. If you'd like I'd be willing to host it on a server I run, just message me. (I can set up an FTP account for you to use if you want, or I could just manage it myself :P) It's exclusive hosting that I wouldn't mind footing the bill for, since I'm a part of this ^^;. Yes, this is what I've been doing in all the time I haven't been ROM hacking - managing a web server for a Pokémon forum -_-

leachim, regarding your request for trainer names in the hack, I'd like to be a trainer, but not on Route 2. Could you possibly input me as one of the later gym leaders, or better yet an Elite Four member? I'd like to be the one to create my trainer data in Advance Trainer, too. :)
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