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@Meganium90: It's good practice to let everyone know where you're at. I certainly do it anyway. ^^; I'm currently overwhelmed as far as updating teams goes though. It's partially because it takes so long to edit a post on PC compared to in a text editor. |D Dat lag, and stuff.

And actually, only your first character takes up a spot on the "Available Spots" list. Your other 2 characters are unrestricted and can be any type you want (Only up to 1 teacher or 2 students though. Can't have 2 teachers or 3 students).

...So yeah, you're already guaranteed up to 2 extra characters regardless of how full we are, so reserving isn't even necessary. x3 (You can see a list of all the characters on the Accepted Characters spoiler as well as who plays them.)

Thanks for giving me the heads up though. I'll look forward to reading your new SU?~

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~