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    A new alpha is in the works and should be out soon, but until then I'd like you to read some character concepts I've come up with! As these are simply concepts, they may be slightly different when rendered into the game, or might not be included.

    These ideas will likely be scrapped, so don't get your hopes up of the things mentioned here appearing in the game.

    Pokémon Dragonstone character concepts

    The player's first rival

    This is your childhood friend, and will be battling you early on. His sprite will be that of Wally's from the canon games. His name is Julius, and he's very shy and likes to battle with Special moves and stats, boasting an IQ that's over 130.

    The player's second rival

    This is the person that lives in your insulated and heated shed (with power/water of course) since she has no home of her own. She has the sprite of a female Team Magma grunt and the battle sprite of Courtney from Ruby. Her name is Octavia, and she's that one person you know that's a crazy fanatic and is too far gone to realize the thing she's fanatical about has long since died. In this case she was a Magma grunt who didn't want to give up after Maxie retired and the group disbanded. She's friendly to most everyone and wants to revive Team Magma in the name of good all on her own.