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Originally Posted by RetroRoller View Post
I think I've seen it as non-valuable before but I wanna double check.

Wizard's Promo Dragonite for Pokemon the First Movie?

(The one with the Gold stamp in the corner of the picture.)
TrollandToad sells it for $0.59 (so not valuable at all), but if it's still completely sealed, it goes for a bit more ($2-$4).

Originally Posted by jmakin View Post
Attachment 64362

i hope that worked. i'm new at this, but I noticed this happens to be a numbered card. the other holos are not numbered, which seems to be a promo thing from what I've been able to find. Ledyba, Slowking, Marill, and Togepi. Another weird thing I noticed is they don't seem to have the marks on the bottom right corners like all the US versions do that denote rarity of the print.

edit: according to bulbapedia it is from the southern islands 1 expansion set and is listed at 10$ on ebay. pretty cool buy
Cool. Seems you found it. That set is actually a pretty rare find, being a limited promo set and all!
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