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And... Upload!

This picture doesn't turn out so great if you're trying to see the brown in my left eye, but it definitely shows the contrast between the two.

Also, I need a haircut. Soon.


People now know what I look like! Anyone have any comments / concerns?

Speaking of which, that brings up another possible topic.

Have you ever seen the face of someone you RP with (possibly including me)? Does it differ from what you were expecting?

I've seen a few I've RPed with before. I have to say, not one looked like what I'd expected. It sounds pretty dumb, but I always assume that people look like whatever their avatar is... (So yes, In my mind right now, Marin looks just like Yellow. Red's is chibi with red all over, TornZero is purple, and Skymin is... Well... Hm... She changes her Avatar to so many very-different things I can't even make a guess.

I bet Supervegeta looks like PURE LEGENDARY STUFF.