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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    I know the location of the move animation table in FR. It's at 0x1C68F4.
    Each pointer in the table (and the table is 355 entries long - 1 for each move!) points to a script of sorts. Sadly, we know very little about these scripts, apart from tha fact that 00 loads graphics, 02 executes animations and 05 seems to be a waitstate sort of command -That is, it waits for the already executed animations to finish before continuing.

    That is the sum of our knowledge on the move animations. Hope that helps.
    I just thought of something, why try to edit the scripts with hex? Aren't they in ASM?

    Now, I haven't tried this (can't right now, procrastinating on studying for school atm), but can't we easily view the animation routines with VBA-SDL-H? I'm assuming that would make things a crapload easier to make custom animations. If I recall correctly, VBA-SDL-H has a function where you can decompile thumb routines if you know the offset.

    I'm assuming this is what Pokemon Vega did to create nearly flawless animations, and this is what I'm planning on doing in the near future (if it works)

    EDIT: Just remembered, regular VBA has a function to view thumb routines, while VBA-SDL-H lets you view last executed thumb routine

    EDIT: nevermind, just read JPAN's post in the battle script thread... so apparently it is a scripting language?

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