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Originally Posted by Zerin View Post
While I am agreeing with that, I believe your opinion of him is slightly watered down due to the fact that you're paired to him.

Nonetheless, people mostly agree.
Wait, are you trying to say I'm biased and painting him in a good way or a bad way?

I would assume my opinion of him would be more inclined to be overrated since we are paired together, which would make sense in your sentence, but you use "watered down" meaning that I am underrating him; your sentence seems almost contradictory.

Regardless of Supervegeta's Awesomeness.....

What is your opinion on bring Social and Political ideologies into Roleplays?

I'm usually not against it, I feel it adds a sense of realism to the Roleplay over all, and it's interesting to see the differencing perspectives of some issues from the Roleplayers. In Atlantis Arising, the main idea is Racism, although it has only been touch on briefly, having a bigger part later on.[/SIZE][/FONT]