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    - Respectively Fire, Water & Grass : Charizard, Blastoise & Venusaur (I am & will always be a starters man :D)

    - Normal: Tauros (I was just thoroughly amazed with this bovine the moment I saw Ash's Tauros stampede & shake the arena initiating its Fissure during the Orange League championship, I was literally in awe :O)

    - Flying: Pidgeot (many reasons: gentle & loyal nature; the 'pigeon' prefix, given that I took up the hobby of raising thoroughbred pigeons from middle to high school = some of my most cherished memories ; also, to me, he's always been like the only natural-looking bird in the Pokemon world; & last but not least, & to my 1st to 3rd gen-limited knowledge, the only bird I know with 2 evolutions)

    - Bug: Butterfree (the accuracy of its 3 powder attacks mixed with psychic abilities = win)

    - Fighting: Primeape (unlike the other humanoid fighters this one's the incarnation of a natural-born champ that battles by its own rules)

    - Electric: Jolteon (I like Raichu but I prefer an electrical dog a whole lot more :D)

    - Ground: Dugtrio (uni-type with beyond devastating Ground attacks, enough said)

    - Poison: Crobat (probably the dirtiest poisonous fighter with a lot of tricks under its sleeve: poisoning, confusing, scaring, trapping the enemy...; also I'm very fond of its magnificent speed & the rest of his relatively blanced stats)

    - Psychic: Alakazam (aside from its light speed stats & destructive special attacks, his mystic looks & twisted spoons simply perfect the Psychic type persona)

    - Rock: Aerodactyl (not only do I love prehistoric creatures but I also find the link between fossilized DNA-born pokes & rocky nature a pretty elegant idea; also pterodactyls were my favourite dinosaurs as a child)

    - Ice: Lapras (pretty tough; in Yellow, the only one in Lorelei's team that always survived my Pikachu's 1st strike of Thunder; not to mention the perfect swimmer)

    - Dragon: Dragonite (it can fly, masters fire/ice/water/electric moves, plus has the deceiving gentle looks that cover its fierce nature; only Dragon type I've ever liked)

    - Ghost: Gengar (the pranky attitude, devilish red eyes, ; also I somehow find all extra-Kanto Ghost pokes pretty lame compared to the original Gastly/Haunter/Gengar trio, design & persona-wise)

    - Dark: Houndoom (partly Fire which is my favourite type of all; also the one thing I love more than dogs are hellhounds :D)

    - Steel: Scizor (the ninja aspect, combined with its dual-type making it resistant/neutral to most types)