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    Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
    Roark was also easy for me as well in the 4th Generation. Seeing that I had Piplup as my starter, it made things sooooo much easier. I remember when my Piplup was underleveled and it had beat his whole team!
    Come to think of it, all the starters is strong against Roark's Pokemon, judging by the typing of the final evolution of each Starters. I mean I'm just giving an example and just look at it. Infernape is Fire/Fighting- Fighting is strong. Then Torterra(Grass & Ground)/Empoleon's(Water & Steel) both typing are strong against Rock. Strange..I think they made Generation IV start that way on purpose, by making Fire the weakest and not even that was hard, to catch Machop to get an early fighting type right off the back while getting Chimchar up to its Fighting type evolutions. Strange.