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Originally Posted by BlazeFinneganIII View Post
What types of tools are available for hacking DS Pokemon ROMs? I’m new to hacking and would very much like to start creating my own ROM Hack. Ideally I’d like to use the newer generation of Pokemon Games to do this. There appears to be a lot of tools for the 3rd generation or GBA games, but what about the DS games, D/P/PL and B/W? Is there a map editor for the DS versions like advance map is for the GBA games?
We can do everything but edit maps (we can move the buildings however) as of now. Unless you really know what you're doing I think you'll have to stick to gen III.

But if you still want to, you can check out the two basic tools, Tinke and PPRE. Google them. They're not that hard to use, so I think you can figure stuff out from there.

Originally Posted by GoogleAndroid View Post
Is there a hack of Pokemon Black for any GBA Pokémon game? I can't play a DS emulator all too well and don't really have money to buy a DS, cheap as it is.
Why would you want to play that on a GBA anyways? The graphics (especially the cutscenes) are vital to the feel of the game and the GBA can't capture that feel. Go save up money, $200 isn't that hard to scrape up (and especially if you're past he legal working age) if you really try.
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