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    Sorry for the delay, here is the last part of the chapter. b^.^d

    Chapter 6 – Part 3 – Dittos Fortune – Doodoo hits the Fan

    In Fenton Relay Station – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 8th, 3535. 1600 Hours

    Poliwrath, Zoroark, Alakazam, Pinsir, and Zangoose finally met up with the rest of Loyal team in the control room. They had been trying to figure out how to turn back on the relay station. But were failing to do so. Alakazam went over to the main controls and investigated the various systems. He pressed several buttons and switches, but nothing responded. He looked around the room for any physical source for the problem, and saw something odd about a door on the far side of the room. Every so often, a blue glow would flash from under the door, and a muffled snapping sound could be heard.

    He walked towards the room, entered it, and began to investigate the cause of the light. There was a boulder lodged deep inside the main computer. That computer had been the brain of the building. And it was long destroyed, and practically impossible to save.

    He walked out shaking his head, and punched the surface of the table nearest to him. Poliwrath and Sceptile slowly approached him.

    "What's the status on the station," asked Poliwrath, crossing his arms over his chest.

    "Obviously it's down," Alakazam snapped back, glaring at his superior.

    "For how long?" asked Sceptile, putting a hand on Alakazam's shoulder.

    "Question of my life…" Alakazam snorted back, before sighing, "if I calculate the speed of production on repairing the station's main computer, and adding that to our current situation…two weeks, tops."

    "We don't have two weeks!" yelled Infernape, slamming his hands on the table, cracking it. At the silence that followed, he turned around and stormed out of the room, followed by Frosty, and Machamp.

    Poliwrath sighed, "Infernape is right. We don't have two weeks."

    The rest of team understood, and quickly ran out of the room. Not wasting any time, and left the station behind.

    Over the Relay Station…

    Blissey and Mawile were chilling in their helicopter, beginning to think they might die of boredom. To pass the time, they began to play rock-paper-scissors. After four rounds of that, they got bored again. And then began asking each other random questions.

    "Would you rather fight a pack of chimpanzees that hadn't eaten for days, and had been previously forced to eat meat. Or go one on one with a gorilla that has been drugged up on steroids and sh*t?" asked Blissey.

    "Second one," answered Mawile, "would you rather be on Earth with gravity that is non-lethal, but no Pokémon. Or be on Earth with gravity that is extremely lethal, but with Pokémon?"

    "First one. No doubt. Life would be awesome. Even though I wouldn't exist," Blissey quickly answered, laughing at the concept.

    As the two continued to play their game, a platoon of twenty or so grunts slowly walked out of the brush, less then five minutes away from the station. And the two began looking at the group, still playing their game.

    "Twenty Pokedollars under ten," grinned Mawile.

    "No bet…fifty under seven. Do it, or get demoted and an ego discrimination," shot back Blissey.

    Mawile gave her a straight, really pissed off, look. She shook her head and sighed.

    "B*tch…" she mumbled, glaring at her companion.

    "Sl*t," Blissey smiled back, punching her friend's shoulder.

    Mawile turned around to face Blissey and got ready to jump. She smirked and flipped the bird toward Blissey, before leaning back to dive off the helicopter.

    As Blissey watched Mawile kill the grunts below, Pidgeot flew up side by side with the helicopter and joined in watching the fight.

    "How much did you bet?" asked Pidgeot.

    "Fifty under seven," she replied.

    "Meh," scoffed Pidgeot, "I bet two hundred in five."

    "You have to be high!" exclaimed Blissey, looking at Pidgeot like his was crazy.

    "I've been flying at hundreds of feet in the air for hours, so I am kind of high," he laughed.

    "Not in that way, douchebag," growled Blissey.

    "B*tch…I'm going to go do to my job. And, oh yeah, we got back communications with HQ."

    "What? Since when?"

    "Not too long ago. We-" his sentence was cut off as multiple arrows flew down, past Pidgeot and the chopper. And two looked on in curiosity.

    They saw multiple enemy and friendly starships, frigates and star fighters covering the skies over Fenton, engaging with each other. And they began dropping out of the sky like flies.

    "What the f*ck?" exclaimed Blissey, leaning out of the helicopter.

    "I'm going to help, later!" yelled Pidgeot, flying off towards the battle to help the allies.

    Blissey pressed her headset, "To the commanding officer of the allied fleet. This is Master Medic Blissey of Loyal Team. Please state your reason for interrupting an Argonaut Investigation?"

    There was a sharp crackle in Blissey's headset, before a cold, emotionless voice sounded in her ear, "This is Admiral Polo of Earth Army Starship, Mother of God. We are here to destroy the Fenton Relay Station."

    Back in the Station…

    Poliwrath's radio suddenly crackled to life.

    "Commander!" Mazda voice shouted out of the radio.

    "Go ahead Commando," Poliwrath replied.

    "There's a very large, enemy cluster f*ck where I am, and it's getting crowded, and we're pulling back to our helicopter. If your job is done there, I advise you to leave now."

    "We're proceeding to leave the station."

    "Do it fast," said Mazda quickly.

    "Wait, why?" asked Ditto.

    "The jamming signal disappeared, and Blissey got confirmation that the air force is going to boulder this station flat."

    "Are you sure, Mazda?" asked Poliwrath, needing conformation.


    "Alright then," sighed Poliwrath, "Loyals' double time. Loyal nine I'll meet you on the other side."

    "Already on it," finished Mazda, cutting off his radio.

    The team finally had the exit in the view. The team was relieved to see it. They ran quickly towards it, only to have their escape cut off by a large boulder.

    Poliwrath growled something unpleasant and punched through a wall to make a new door. Poliwrath ordered his team to go through it. The team climbed through one by one until only Poliwrath was left. He made a quick double check of the room, before exiting it as well. He messaged Mazda as soon as they were clear of the building.

    "Mazda, status update," he demanded.

    "We're out, and boarding our helicopter…wait…muk! Get out of there, NOW! Friendly frigates are preparing to fire upon your position. Over!" yelled Mazda.

    "Solid Copy!"

    Sudowoodo and Toxicroak were ahead of the others, sprinting for the door. Until two rocket grunts quickly appeared from nowhere and stood in front of the door, weapons drawn.

    "Hold it right there Argo scums! Surrender now, or you will be killed!" they yelled, preparing themselves for combat.

    Both Argos put their weapons forward and prepared themselves for the impact. But then, Garchomp put his arms out between the two and shoved them off to the side, before dashing towards the two grunts.

    "Get out of Garchomp's path!" he roared.

    "Oh sh*t!" yelled the grunts.

    Garchomp plowed through the two grunts and smashed through the door. He fell flat on his face and rolled a few feet. The rest of the team exited the building onto a balcony. As they were waiting there, a large dropship quickly descended onto the balcony.

    The team boarded their dropship and it quickly took to the air. As they watched the station as it was destroyed by ally frigates and aircraft. Poliwrath contacted headquarters. As soon as he received a signal, he began to debrief.

    "Go ahead Loyal leader," said Admiral Jet.

    "We had no time to properly investigate the station," replied Poliwrath, a touch of irritation in his voice.

    "I know. Reports are flooding in that Axis forces have landed in the region while your team was investigating the station. I tried to hail you on the coms, but seemed like there was a jam. It went throughout the region. Many of the bases weren't able to contact each other on the attacks. After the jams ceased, we were getting word that many major military bases in all twenty-eight regions all across the world were hit, hard. And they are still continuing to drop troops throughout the regions."

    "So you're telling me they have countless divisions of axis troop's deep in OUR territories? Glorious…" mumbled Sudowoodo.

    "I bet they're not going to stop sending troops into this region until they get a good foot on it," added Zoroark.

    "Also, I didn't want them to have the relay station. So now they'll have limited ways of contacting their HQ."

    "So you ordered a boulder bombing run to flatten the relay station," said Infernape.

    "That's correct."

    "So what are the orders? Engage any hostiles in our sites?" asked Mawile.

    "Negative. Return to home base for debrief. I'll see when you get there. Jet out."

    Zoroark was staring out the side of the helicopter, when he spotted the village they had defended earlier. There was a large concentrations of enemy activities in and around the village. It looked like they were preparing for a total take over.

    "Commander!" said Zoroark, speaking into the radio.

    "Go ahead twenty," replied Poliwrath.

    "Isn't that the village from earlier?"

    Poliwrath looked confused for a second, before realization dawned on him, "Muk…I forgot…"

    "Sir, you gave them your word on their evac," added Alakazam.

    "I did…" Poliwrath nodded, looking distressed.

    Poliwrath said nothing for awhile, but then quickly gave his orders.

    "Mawile?" he asked.

    "Yes sir?"

    "I need your help on this one. I need you to warn the villagers that their evac won't be coming for a while. Looks like night is going to fall soon, hope that will help you. Do at any cost to reach that village."

    "Roger that sir. Pidgeot, get me down there. Drop me off in the forest on the outskirts of the village. Take it easy people, Ninja out." she gave them a peace sign, and winked at them. Before climbing onto Pidgeot's back and disappearing from sight.

    "She's not going to make it the village," moaned Ditto, "and even if she does make it. She can't handle that many axis scum bags."

    "Shut up Ditto. Never say those words. You should receive a slap right across the face!" growled Bibarel.

    "No lie. I can't believe I'm saying this…but I agree with Bibarel," said Machamp, giving Ditto a glare.

    "Wow. My Planet Fortune's going to end!" cried Ditto.

    Next...Chapter 7 – A Worthy Sunset
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