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Originally Posted by BlazeFinneganIII View Post
So you're basically saying to recolor the palette already available based on the colors from the B/W image, right?
I also thought of just grabbing a high res image and cutting out squares to make my own palette. I've never made a palette before however and have no idea if that would work.
No, the pallet is actually a sequence of twenty or so numbers. The programs just separate them into squares for easy access so you don't have to enter a number every time you want to use that color. What he was saying was to go look at the RGB values of the colors (there's many ways you can do that, not that hard to find out) and translate them into GBA format.

If you want to make a pallet there's some very good pallet making tutorials on PC, you could search for them. I suggest HackMew's, go look for that.
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