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    I am on pokemon emerald, and am at the Psychic gym. On the trainer battle the Claydol (Earthquake) rapes everything except my gyrrados, and the Xatu just acts as the clean up crew.
    The trainers that i am going up against are lvl 39-41, that may be my problem.

    Blaziken lvl 36. Blaze Kick, Bulk Up, double Kick, Fire Blast. Bold
    Vibrava lvl 37. Crunch, Sand Attack, Dragonbreath, sand toumb. Impish
    Manetric lvl 39. Bite, Thunder Wave, Spark, shock wave. Brave
    Swellow lvl 34. Fly, Wing attack, aerial ace, qiuck attack. Adamant
    Gyarados lvl 39. Surf, twister, Bite, Dragon Rage. Timid
    Lairon lvl 33. Iron tail, Rock Tomb, Roar, Headbutt. Careful

    I have caught new Pokemon which may be better here they are

    Wobuffet lvl 28. Counter, Mirror Coat, Safeguard, Destiny Bond lonley
    Shuppet lvl 30. Screech, Night Shade, Curse, Spite. Careful
    Absol 26. Quick attack, Razor Wind, Bite, Swords dance. Naive
    SnoRunt 33. Crunch, Icy Wind, Headbutt, Protect .Bold
    Walimer 25.Water Gun, Rollout, WhirlPool, Astonish .Docile

    I need help bad, i was thinking a tropius would destroy that claydol. He just nom nom noms up everything i throw at it except the gyarados.

    Thanks in advance I know its a long one.