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    Originally Posted by TheFallenUmbreon View Post
    Good, u got a Snorunt. I suggest adding it in the team and train it until it evolves. Glalie has levitation, which could be useful when battling that annoying Claydol. If you can, save up some money to buy the TM Blizzard. Absol may also be useful when battling most of the twins pokemon. Try to make it learn Crunch and Night Shade, keep Swords Dance cause that move can be fatal for your foes. As for that Solrock, try to teach Gyarados Hydro Pump (Also bought). If you have the time, try training Wailmer for a while, its evolution is invincible against advantages. Save the Manetric for the Xatu. You could do it the hard way by evolving a Ralts to Gardevior then teaching it Thunderbolt and other weaknesses (Not Recommended)
    anywhere you would recommend to train these?

    And would training a tropius help much?