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@Red: Don't worry. It's not like the RP is about to end. |P This is just a major plot event, not the finale. Training is easy anyway. These guys will be around for a while as the post said. Me and Megaman765 will probably be having spies approach other people's characters at times.

@Everyone: Attention: Speaking of levels, we've decided to up the maximum starting level limit of students pokemon and wild pokemon again. Student pokemon from from 20 to 25, and wild pokemon from 15 to 20. As with last time, if your character(s) currently have pokemon level 25 or under, you may feel free to give them 5 free levels. New characters such as Red's will be able to benefit from this as well. :P *Goes to change the first page*

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~