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    Originally Posted by ♣Gawain♣ View Post
    He's a crazy one, literally. And I was like "wut" when he kills me with his ultimate. Too late to react though.

    Still mastering shyvana's tank set.

    True, the warning indication flash is very short it when appears, and immediately lets a bomb explodes in your face, Pantheon has about the same range but atleast the warning takes a much longer time before he appears and that while he takes himself along while ziggs stays on a safe spot far from the battlefield... I know there are more champions with an almost-instant global ult but those aren't much of overkill, lux for example might have a laser with a small indication, but the indication zone is very slim and easy to dodge. That while ziggs has a gigantic circle and obviously throws the bomb with you in the center unable to dodge it.
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