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    I probably won't take the challenge, but I just did the test to see what I would get. First thing is that often I can't answer a question properly, like the mood I am in. Same for the color question. Another thing I don't like is that my team is THIS:

    Starter: Cyndaquil
    Bright horizon: Farfetch'd
    Body and mind: Smeargle
    Sign: Sneasel
    Magikarp out of the water: Qwilfish
    New leaf: Victreebel

    This means that I got Cyndaquil, which is a good pokemon. Sneasel is very weak in gen 2, since it speciall attack is low. Victreebell doesn't get any good moves, thus is useless later in the game, Farfetch'd has overall low stats. I don't even want to START about Smeargle. And Qwilfish. I used one. It is good. But it takes AGES to find one!