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    I'm not going to have legendaries in mine cause I like a lot lol

    Normal - Azurill (probably the only baby pokémon I have a slight obsession with lol)
    Fire - Ninetales (favourite pokémon of all time)
    Water - Vaporeon (has been since I saw it in Pokémon Stadium)
    Grass - Sceptile (two words: LEAF BLADE!! haha)
    Electric - Manectric (like Swellow, Emerald opened my eyes to it)
    Bug - Venomoth (one of my best ever pokémon plus it's a moth!!)
    Fighting - Hitmonlee (kicks are my favourite attacks in real life; Hitmonlee reflects that)
    Ice - Dewgong (very sleek and elegant, lot of good moves as well)
    Flying - Swellow (since using it on Emerald I quickly discovered how awesome it is)
    Dark - Umbreon (been really attached to it since Silver)
    Psychic - Kadabra (been a staple part for a lot of my teams)
    Ghost - Haunter (like Kadabra and Dragonair, I just prefer 2nd stage evos, plus its personality is great haha)
    Poison - Arbok (I LOVE snakes, and it represents a cobra - heaven)
    Rock - Kabutops (always been drawn to it, maybe it's the Scyther-like design lol)
    Ground - Nidoqueen (Girl power haha plus I love the Nido family)
    Steel - Skarmory (always thought it was pretty cool, plus Winona has one lol)
    Dragon - Dragonair (elegant yet powerful)