Thread: [Discussion] Shiny Hunting vs RNG
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This is a debate that has been going on for a long time; which is better, shiny hunting or RNG?

Shiny hunting is the act of finding shiny Pokemon through the use of random encounters and soft resetting. Essentially the idea is to encounter as many Pokemon as possible in the hopes of one of them being shiny. It's considered a much slower and more tedious method of obtaining shiny Pokemon than RNG, and the Pokemon you obtain don't necessarily have good IVs or natures, but its considered a fairer and easier way of obtaining the shiny Pokemon you want and has been referred to as a more honest way of finding the Pokemon.

RNG is the act of manipulating the game's internal clock and using methods of frame advancement in order to make certain Pokemon appear. This method can easily yield flawless Pokemon with whatever traits you desire, but it takes a lot of skill to get it right and it can be very hard to work with, sometimes taking days to perform just one RNG.

So the question is: which do you prefer?
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