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Nothing really motivated me to collect plushies per se - and tbh I haven't really ever collected them, more accumulated them over the years. But I do give them names... boy do I give them names

I have Scrap (my favourite one that I've posted a picture of before, named after Scrap from Play School) another dog plushie named Roley (cos he's so fat and roly-poly XD) and two 101 Dalmations puppy plushies which I named Dig Dog (mine) and Diggety Dog (originally my sister's, but I stole her to be Dig Dog's sister XD). Then there's a big fat cat one that I named Misty after my real-life fat cat who is also named Misty... my green duck Ducky (soooo original) and... well that's all I can think of right now, but there are tons.

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