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Posting to say that clans are officially closed and we don't allow them anymore. Simply put, they didn't work and CBC isn't active enough for them. Clans were largely pointless anyway, considering they were primarily being used to post battle results and nothing more. Even if there were competitions made between clans, the clans themselves would stay inactive. Not only that, but leaderboards and tournaments within clans (to make them active individually) were redundant when we have the actual forum for that. Meaning, clans would be taking activity away from the PC ladder and tournaments, because they already host them in their threads. However, this doesn't mean the concept of clans won't be used again; it's possible that we can consider reviving them or something similar when the time comes (as in, when we have more activity). I went into more detail with this post if you would like to know more.

Edit: I will allow clans considering they're almost identical to leagues, so there is no point in banning them.