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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
So you've been with this band for how long? Aww, Im sure the bassist will come back/ the singer will be able to handle it! Those are some pretty cool bands to cover, do you guys do gigs/ write any original music?
We got together in late 2008 I think? We didn't really start taking it seriously until about a year later. And hah, I don't think the bassist is going to come back to be honest. I love him, but he'd started to piss me off and I'm not surprised he's gone. His attitude towards our band one year ago, when we were finally recording our first originals, was awful. He was never around and would never make time for the band. Any free time he had probably went to his girlfriend. He still hasn't recorded his bass lines for our songs. I'd love to have you guys listen, but they're simply incomplete. Bass is so important.

We did do gigs back in high school. We played a few local venues in our city, and managed to land a gig at a rather well-known venue, where some of my favourites have played, including The Mars Volta and In Flames.

The now-pseudo-bassist of the band is wondering if he should go ahead and lay down our ex-bassist's tabs to complete our songs. As much as I want them done, I don't want to steal that away from our old bassist. He did put effort into writing for the songs and it'd just feel wrong if somebody else recorded them.

We'll probably start working on some more originals soon, which will definitely be recorded over the summer. Once those are done I'll have y'all listen.