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This may be my entry if I choose to do this game. I am a Lets Player, and instead of doing a regular Yellow LP, I want to do a challenge. I really wanted just a hard type of the game, but a Yellow Hard type may be hard to find. So since I wanted to do yellow, my question to you was if I could replace Charmander with Pikachu? Hell, it would be even harder to considering the first gym is Rock and Ground!

The other Challenge I am debating is:

If I can't pick one, I may make a challenge of my own combining a few idea's from a few challenge thread's I've been eyeing, or If I can't change out Charmander.

Username: DarkRedXIII (Real name is Brad)
Game: Hopefully Yellow
Character Name: Brad
Rival Name: Will be Draco
Fossil Choice: Undecided
Hitmon Choice: Undecided
Eeveelution: Undecided