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    Originally Posted by Tachibana Azumi View Post

    Anyway, I haven't watched Best Wishes for soooo long (okay I watched the Skyla episodes and that was it), so I don't know anything about the shipping anymore. Besides Negaishipping, Wishfulshipping, and whatever Ash/Cilan and Cilan/Cabernet's named.
    You haven't missed much. Best Wishes is still pretty dead on the shipping front. There's nothing as obvious as Poke, Contest, or one-sided Penguin with this series.

    I think Negai, Wishful, and Sommeliershippers are all waiting from some kind of "breakthrough". Right now it's all "shippers goggles." Though maybe it's less so with Sommeliershipping, since rival ships seem to be what the writers go for with this series.