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    Chapter 4 – Venius Cloud – God District

    Venius adjusted himself into the couch. Pretty boy? Well, alright. Let’s go with that.

    “Being pretty is overrated.” The God commented. “Anyways, that’s partly what I would like to discuss with you. I am your guide. I give ideas and help you get sponsors at this stage. Good sponsors mean good weapons and supplies.” He made a tent with his fingers, and closed his eyes momentarily in thought. “Well, the interviewer will ask questions pertaining to your lifestyle… Strategies… Things that will make a difference in how well you can entertain the sick public in the arena.”

    There was a small knock at the door. Who? Well, a trail of servants soon appeared through a crack in the room; holding plates filled with an assortment of breakfast foods. From muffins to pancakes to fruit and eggs. It was there. In all, four servants arranged the food on the center table, bowed, and went to leave. Venius caught the arm of a startled white-haired boy. He squeaked.

    “Oi, think you can take this to Raum? Vampire District.” Venius gingerly slipped a piece of paper in the boy’s chest pocket, along with a few coins. No sort of currency the humans used, at least. The servant hesitated, nodded, and quickly caught up with the others as they left. When the door was closed shut, Venius straightened out and took a muffin inside the grasp of his fingers.

    “Where were we… Ah, right. When you answer the questions and sort, try not to be too hostile. Even if you hate the guts of those watching and wanting to know what you ate back in the Human District, I think it’ll work better if we keep you in the frame of ‘carefree’. A snap of humour would be nice. You’re not worried at all about these Games, and you show confidence that you can overcome the participants. If asked about a particular enemy, I would slip away from the question with a wave. Though the idea of pissing someone like Ryuu off on live television sounds tempting, it won’t be good for you in the arena. If the Gods and Goddesses know that you have someone on your rear in anger at the very start, they probably won’t sponsor you since it’ll look like you won’t last long.”

    …Which was completely true. Though they did want to see blood and gore, they didn’t want to use their money on someone who was just going to die. They also liked the idea of the teenager they sponsored winning, and becoming a Victor. Because once they became a Victor, the Gods and Goddesses could swarm them without holding back.

    Like Lady Bernkastel. Venius understood one reason why Bern continued to live in the Demon District, rather than in with the Gods where it was ‘safe’. At least, safe from the Population Games.

    “As for your stylist, I would hate to disappoint you, but that would be me. You don’t have to worry about it.” He waved his hand at Raike. “I’ll let you wear your coat. I’ll just be making some minor changes to your appearance. No sparkles and no tattoos.” The God promised. “Also, the thoughts from your district do not concern the Games. To get things into the arena is expensive to what the entire population has. You need to be more concerned with the Goddesses. There are quite a few out there that like a good, confident rebel. They’ll happily sponsor you. Gods, maybe. If you look strong and have wit.”

    “So… What kind of strengths do you have? Magic, I would assume? Perhaps alliances that I should know about?”

    Chapter 4 – Raum - God District

    Raum straightened himself out, before looking down at Kerin. He was either tall, or Kerin was short. There simply was a great difference in height between the two.

    “Hm? We’re going to my studio. We have to prepare you for the interview, no? So, up~! We must not wait a second, alright?”

    He blinked his long eyelashes at the vampire with a smile, before turning on his heels and leading the way to the elevator. Once the two men were down and outside the building, Raum opened up a parasol. It was strange, simply because it wasn’t raining or overly windy. He pointed it in the direction of the sunlight, as to cast a shadow upon himself. He looked back at Kerin with a hint of confusion, then a shrug. Was he seriously allergic to the sun? Or was he making fun of vampires? Who knew…

    “S-sir!” Raum blinked, and turned back in the direction that they had just come from. A servant from the Human District, according to the uniform, had caught up with him. He huffed out a breath of relief, and held out a slip of paper towards the vampire Guide.

    “It is from Venius Cloud, sir.” The servant spoke out once he caught his breath. Once he dismissed the servant, Raum flicked the note open with the tips of his fingers.

    “….Hm.” He write the long text almost silently; brows raising at one point in surprise. When finished, he looked up with Kerin with an innocent smile. “Nothing too important,”

    Two fingers went to his lips, and he let out a high-pitched whistle. A few moments later, a sleek white car pulled up before them. Coming to a halt, two servants in equal white jumped out and tended to Raum’s needs. One took the parasol for the Guide, while the other opened the back door for him to climb in. Raum did as such, and then signaled for Kerin to follow suit. The windows were tinted as to withhold sunlight.

    Once the servants had the participant safely inside along with the parasol, they slipped into the front, started the car, and drove off and away. Raum happily ate at a slice of cake that had come out mysteriously from a compartment, while babbling on about how excited he was to work with Kerin.

    “Last year I had a demon, so this is a wonderful change of pace for me~ Perhaps if you win, I can have another vampire next year~! Vampires are so much easier to work with.”

    There was lush greenery almost throughout the entire trip. This was very much unlike the districts back home. The only real forests and fields were outside the barrier. However, as noted, it was almost. Just before they came to the studio’s parking lot, the car had to go down a very special road winding the perimeter of the city. This road had exactly eight mansions. And when I say mansions, I mean mansions compared to even the God’s houses. These were impossibly large, with each one probably able to house at least a thousand people. Gates and in-the-flesh guards were stationed throughout the property like some kind of government leader lived beyond. As it turned out, that wasn’t the case.

    “These are where most of the Victors live after winning the Games~!” Raum chimed in. “All except for Bernkastel, of course.”

    Each mansion was unique. Not any of them were similar in design; from an ice palace to a dragon’s lair layout. One in particular had the theme of elements, and was double the size of the others. Probably Bernkastel’s, seeing as she had won twice already. It was heavily guarded like some sort of war-zone. Servants had themselves not just at the gates and around, but on the property itself. Otherwise, it was beautiful and unused, due to Bernkastel choosing to live in the Demon District. Why would she choose a simple house and potentially death, over a grand estate and safety? Surely she could have her father move in, seeing as he wasn’t a threat. Why else would she continue to participate? Was she simply selfish, and wanting more?
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