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Originally Posted by FlyingHatTrick View Post
I'm actually in my school's ensemble, jazz band, a honors ensemble outside of school, and the occasional festival ensemble when that time of the year rolls around. And marching band. Marching band's awesome.

Week of crash course in marching, and bam, we're off to our first game. Our shows are usually fun and changes from year to year. I think this year, the marching band at my school's going to do something called 'The Groove', so that'll be interesting to find out about.

We usually play to a packed house in our auditorium so... I guess a lot of people? :0
Oh wow thats very impressive! Whats your favourite of these bands? Do you ever get paid for playing any of these? (that'd be awesome if you did >.<)

Originally Posted by SkittishHeart View Post
Username: SkittishHeart
Instrument(s) played: Bass, guitar, flute, and hoping to add viola as well as piano in this list (though it's rather unlikely). :3 I also tried to play with the harmonica when I was younger, but failed miserably because I had no idea how to actually produce music other than blowing or something. xD
Are you willing to collaborate with other members: Um, I don't think so; I usually shy away from people in real life, so yeah...

What was the first instrument you started playing, how old were you, and how did you get interested in playing that instrument?
I believe it was the harmonica and I forgot how old I was back then. I wasn't really interested with that instrument -- maybe curious is the better verb for it. :3
Welcome to the CLUB!!
Wow you play a few instruments.. is the Bass your main? Whats your favourite out of the ones you play?
NAww No need to be shy but its understandable if you dont want to you can always change your nmind later!

Naww harmonicas are cute! They are the funnest instruments when youre a little kiddie.