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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Welcome to the CLUB!!
Wow you play a few instruments.. is the Bass your main? Whats your favourite out of the ones you play?
NAww No need to be shy but its understandable if you dont want to you can always change your nmind later!

Naww harmonicas are cute! They are the funnest instruments when youre a little kiddie.
Thank you.
Yes, but I now I play just the bass and the guitar because I kinda forgot how to play the flute; I only started with it merely due to it being a requirement in my first year of high school MAPE (Music, Arts, and Physical Education) class. Also, yes, the bass is my main, though I'm still not that good at it; it's also my favorite because I simply love the low sound it produces. <3
All right, thanks for being considerate. :3

Yep, they are. Just blowing on them was already quite fun. xD