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    Hey Mitchel1, first off I would like to start off by saying, your game is positively beautiful and plays like the pokemon game I always wish I could play. So far it is great stuff.

    However, I'm stuck. I have no idea if it's a bug or intentional. I see in some previous posts in thios thread some people are talking about the ruins and the making of some kind of escape rope, I havve no idea what that's about but if it somehow pretains to my problem then I'll just follow your instructions and wait(?).
    My problem is I went into the first ruins where I found Entei. Now I can't leave the ruins. The door to the first room appears to be glitched. I keep meeting the level 0 ghost but the door will not let me out. Is this a glitch or just somehow part of the gaming experience?
    Will I have to start over from scratch?
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