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Can you reserve me SD?

Name: Shade Akuma

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Job: Black Mage

Side: Rosadia

Appearance: (She doesn't have wings like Pit from Kid Icarus take out the wings and that's her)

Personality: Shade gives off the appearance of not being friendly but she is actually very kind to others. She wants to do whatever it takes to save her kingdom and hates it if someone tells her that since she is a dark mage she is evil. She only uses her magic to help her friends and kingdom. She does hold a strong resentment for monsters due to the death of her parents at a young age. She loves to hide in the shadows and sneak up on people but to her friends it's in a joking way, her enemies it's to gain the upper hand even though she can attack from afar.

History: Shade was actually born with the name Ann-Marie on the outskirts of Rosadia, sadly her mother died in childbirth and her father was killed by monsters shortly after her birth. No record had been written down of her name and so the people that took her in called her her mothers name Grace and she took their last name Akuma. Growing up she was very sneaky and finally when she was five she asked about her parents. She was told their names Grace and Austin and had asked if she was named after her mother. Upon being told no that they didn't know what her actual name was she insisted to be called Shade due to her love of hiding in the shadows.

When Shade was ten a monster attacked the village she was living in and they were saved by a passing black mage. Seeing him in battle awed Shade and she decided that when she was old enough she was going to train as a black mage. She told this to her adoptive parents who supported her decision. They told her when she was 14 she would be old enough and they would allow her as long as she kept up with her studies these next four years. Shade kept up with her lessons and her adoptive father would teach her small bits of hand to hand only a little enough to protect herself if she had to. On her 14th birthday Shade left her small village on the outskirts and traveled to the town Rosadia with a passing clan of gypsies that where heading in that direction.

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