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    Please accept that i want her History to be mysterious...


    Name: Sakura Miyuki Kimura

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Job: White Mage

    Side: Rosadia


    This is the face under her white hood, her face can't be seen. She wears a short white ninja dress with white pants under it, she also wears high white sock with ninja shoes, alot people expect her to be a ninja while she's actually a white mage.

    Personality: Sakura is a very myserious girl. Since she always wears her hood no one really knows her age. Though everyone thinks of her as an adult. Sakura is very charming but also hard to get, it takes a while before she starts to like someone, however this only happened once. She won't tell with who and why though, she won't tell anything about her past.

    History: there's not much known about Sakura's past. No one knows why she wears a hood all day and even at night. Some are telling stories about her though. They say that she's a girl born in a poor family and her parents selled her for money, some say that she's raised by wolves, because her company is kiba, the white wolf. There are many stories, but no one knows which one is true, or the real story.

    Sakura has a company, a white wolf called Kiba, weird enough she can understand him and talk to him. The white wolf is always by her side. Some villagers are scared for him while kids like to pat him. However, Kiba never really pays attention to what people say about him are react on him.

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