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Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
That depends, which Persona?
I mostly mean mechanics-wise, as the Personae could very easily be Pokémon instead of the SMT roster if anyone's interested in a crossover. Story-wise, it'll likely be similar to Persona 3 with some 4 mixed in (such as the fog).

Considering it's supposed to be a kid-friendly forum, it'd be using tarot cards, so not Persona 3 when it comes to summoning mechanics. However, if allowed, Evokers will be the terminology used (which ended up being how it worked for the non-Japanese release of the game, since shooting oneself in the head with a real gun was undesirable to English translations) and that may be used alongside Type Cards (which I just made up in place of tarot cards and will have to expound on some time later) as another option.

Also... another topic!

What do you think about the "good vs. bad" scenario?

As in, there's two clearly defined moral standings. Honestly, I like it when there's some ambiguity regarding the morality of different sides. Take The Shattered Era, for example; Mechanists can be both "bad" and "good," and the same with the Council citizens. There's no real unified moral position.

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