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Originally Posted by Zerin View Post
There are active RPs that rarely use their OOC though, as well as a bunch of landmines closed or ended RPs that have no further use being there. I feel if it were only the active RPs on the actual boards, there'd be a much more sleek and smooth look to it.

As for taking up memory... It wouldn't. It's be the exact same amount of data... just moved to a different page.

It doesn't sound like it'd be a whole lot of effort after the first overhaul. Instead of simply locking or deleting a thread, it would be moved to the archive. If the GM wants it back on the list, they just contact the admin. Simple as that. Because recently-made RPs that have reached a dead-end (including my Minecraft RP, due to low interest and life taking away free time from players) or recently abandoned RPs will still be in those front pages. Not to mention when someone posts in one of those threads and it shoots right back to the top.

To be quite honest, I never even go past the first page.

I think it'd seem... Well, cleaner, to have only the in-progress or just-starting RPs in the regular threads. Separating alive from dead would probably increase the chance of a new RP actually starting off, and getting the players it needs to survive.
If you never go past the first page, how could you claim to think there's an issue with how the things are currently set up? Oo Not to mention I never said anything about 'memory', so I'm not sure where that came from. I really can't see how you're connecting your ideas here? If we took out all of the threads that are 'dead', people would be more likely to join RPs that are active? But those active RPs are already at the top of the list, so once again it isn't necessary. All your idea is, is displacing the threads to create the illusion that things are "neat", when all you're doing is dumping everything into a sub - which doesn't change anything.

Originally Posted by Rokusasu
Fate/Stay Night (Fate/Zero) RP? I'd be up for that. :D Fate/Zero is one of the spring anime that I picked up (or rather, continued) and I've already seen Stay Night twice (though still need to play the game).
I can't see it getting a lot of members, but I think it'll be better off with a smaller number of players anyways. Focusing on a few Master / Servant pairs will be a lot easier than... all of them, and the other Masters can show up for conflict-y stuff. XD

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