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    Basically, whenever I try to change my forum style, it undoes itself as soon as I log out. For example, just now I signed in and noticed the forum style was the forum default (Nimbasa's Shining Beauty). I know this isn't right because I never use that style and last time I was on I was using PC Pro Blue Edition. I've tried changing the style both in my control panel and the drop-down list at the bottom of the screen, and I've even tried signing out and back in multiple times, and cleared my cookies and cache in case that was an issue. But no matter what I do, every time I sign in I'm using Nimbasa's Shining Beauty. :( It's quite annoying because I prefer the simpler styles and this one distracts me way too much. How do I change my forum style so that it will stay the next time I sign in?

    Thank you in advance for any answers! :)